What is In Process Marking?

In process marking is just what it sounds like. Products are marked or embossed with whatever the product/customer needs such as a logo, trademark, model or serial number, size, pressure rating, etc. while the product is being produced or machined. Most commonly the marking is created by a tool and die being held in the tool holder of a screw machine or CNC machining/turning center and the marking operation is programmed into the machining process. Parts are usually marked on the OD, ID or on the end face using specific tools and dies for engineered for the application. Marking the part while it is being manufactured instead of as a separate process saves time and decreases costs.


There is a broad spectrum of products that have in process marking as part of their manufacturing methodology some examples are:  plumbing and pneumatic fittings, tool sockets, valve Bodies, welding torch parts, auto and aeronautical parts and fasters, machine parts and fixtures for commercial and industrial applications. 


New Method has been a world leader in manufacturing quality tools and dies for in process marking for many years.