Slot Lock Marking Stamp Holders

The Slot Lock holder is designed for general purpose marking which requires multiple characters and frequent changes in the setup, and is available for hand marking (H) as well as machine press (P) operation. It is made of the finest tool steel, accurately machined and heat treated. The type sits on a special hardened anvil which insures uniform depth of impression and prevents type recession. The Slot Lock Holder prevents type from being inserted upside down. Type changes can be made quickly and easily. Press models have 1" diameter x 2" long shanks as standard.
Specials can be made. Sizes from 1/16" to 5/32" are available in various type capacities.
See table.

MODEL MODEL 1/16 3/32 1/8 5/32
H-120 P-120 12 8 6 -
H-121 P-121 15 10 - 6
H-122 P-122 16 - 8 -
H-123 P-123 18 12 9 -
H-124 P-124 20 - 10 8
Typical Marking Blanks