Services We Offer

Services We Offer

New Method Steel Stamps specializes in in-house development and production of primary and secondary marking machines. We are able to manufacture virtually all type styles, roll dies and press stamps for existing equipment and offers a full line of numbering heads, pneumatic and manual impact presses in addition to creating customized items as well. We also offer complete in-house engraving services to all military specifications. New Method offers the following services: CNC Machining and Turning, Laser Services, Micro-Machining, CMM Inspection, CNC Bending, and Engineering Services

CNC Machining and Turning

Utilizing precision, micro and standard CNC machining centers, New Method Steel Stamps produces a wide range of parts and assemblies for multiple industries. We employ Datron 4 & 5 axis micro machining centers and Mazak milling and turning centers to accommodate an array of projects ranging from small to medium and out of a variety of materials.

Laser Services

New Method Steel Stamps, Inc. partners with Viking Laser LLC, to provide laser cutting services as an additional service line or resource for our customers.

Viking Laser is an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider for 5 Axis & 3 Axis laser cutting. And, with more than 30 years of experience in the laser cutting industry Viking’s management team produces high grade, precision, burr free parts for prototype, rework and low volume production.


New Method has highly skilled engineers who take advantage of our five Datron 3, 4 and 5-axis micro-machining centers to produce standard and custom marking dies. The machines can be used to engrave designs from simple to complex. Our Datrons also allow high speed machining for production of precise parts (such as replacement bearings for CMM machines) for many industries using a variety of materials.

CMM Inspection

New Method offers state-of-the-art quality inspection services utilizing its LK CMM. We offer buy-off services as well as third party inspection and certification services. By utilizing our CMM we can insure accuracy of prototype and production parts. The CMM has a large measuring volume of 8 ft x 4 ft x 2 ft, it has air suspension, a tool changer and is Hi-Lo accessible. Our standard measuring equipment as well as a Rockwell tester enables NMSS to meet a variety of inspection needs.

Bending and Forming

New Method has highly skilled and experienced CNC press break operators who utilize our 60 ton hydraulic CNC Accupress and tools to perform complex bends which are repeatable and accurate. The press has an 8 ft bed and an 8 inch stroke as well as auto back stops. In addition we can utilize our 70 ton metal muncher for smaller parts and marking with serial numbers, part numbers and logos. We are also able to develop and produce small prototype dies. Press fit bushings and fittings, clinch nuts and knurled studs.

Materials We Service

Our products and services are available on numerous types of materials to help fulfill the need or your unique orders or projects. Whether it be metals or plastics New Method can service a material to best help your needs.

Engineering Services

New Method Steel Stamps offers engineering services to help customers in determining the most efficient and cost effective manner in using marking tools and dies in order to achieve their desired part marking needs. Not only can our engineers suggest part marking solutions with our standard product line they can build custom marking solutions and machines. They can program our CNC machines to produce simple and complex parts efficiently and precisely. Our engineers use SOLIDWORKS CAD as well as Type 3 programming software.

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