Marking Dies

New Method Steel Stamps (NMSS) creates and produces roll marking dies for use with a variety of NMSS roll marking attachments and tools. Dies can have the legend for marking as a permanent part of the die or individual removable inserts consisting of type (individual characters) or logotype (segments having more than one character).

Custom Roll Marking Die

NMSS can create custom dies for the most unique marking needs. We have developed roll marking dies for variety of customers including manufacturers, military and defense production, farming equipment fabricators. Our engineers can create customized dies for any marking application.

Bar stock marking means marking the full bar length of hex, round or square stock before machining parts from the bar in a Screw Machine or Turning Center. Typical parts include fittings, spud orifices, and flow controllers. Bars can be marked on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 sides either while being straightened or from coil or after cutting to bar lengths.

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Below you will find examples of the various roll dies New Method can create for you.

Standard Roll Die (SRD)

1141 Die

1146 Die

Model 909 With Parts

Model 490

1645 Die

Bar Marking



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