Impact Presses: MB15 & MB20

The MB15 and MB20 presses are manually operated spring actuated impact bench units developed for a wide range of general purpose marking applications.  

Steel Type Dies and Holders
New method offers a wide range of stock and custom steel type, dies and holders. The type and dies are made of tool steels specifically selected for our application and scientifically heat treated to insure long life. Holders are developed to facilitate fast legend changes when required.

Numbering Heads
Press style numbering heads can be furnished wither for manual changes or automatic consecutive numbering. They are available in a full range of character heights and faces used for serializing name plates, machine parts or plastic components.

New Method fixtures are developed to position and securely hold the part during the marking cycle. They orient the part to insure accurate location and alignment of the mark. The mark registration and the geometric aspects of the product determine the proper fixture requirements.

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