Solid Stamps for Concave Marking Solid Stamps for Convex Marking 

Concave and Convex Marking Stamps

NMSS hand stamps have round face rather than sharp face characters to decrease chances of cracking in aluminum and magnesium castings and forgings that will be subjected to tensile or torsional stresses in service.

NMSS produces hand stamps for both concave and convex marking. Our hand stamps feature round face characters to lessen occurrence of cracking in aluminum and magnesium castings and forgings. NMSS concave and convex manual stamps can be custom manufactured to customer specifications for curved line marking requirements.

When ordering please indicate the following:

  • Hardness of material to be marked.
  • Size of the marking space.
  • Size and width of characters.
  • For curved line marking please provide marking radius to centerline and whether top or bottom of letters are in relation to center.
Hand Stamps Sheet  
Typical Marking Blanks