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End Face Marking Tools

Radial End Face Marking Tools

New Method Steel Stamps Radial End Face Marking Tools allow for marking the end face of a part. As with our other NMSS tools, the end face marking tool can accommodate our end face marking dies that can be easily and efficiently switched out of our end face marking attachments. Our automatic roll markers can mark any material being machined including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, plastics and special alloys.

Model 900 End Face Marking Tool

The 900 Series marking attachments can be equipped with threaded shanks to permit direct in-line mounting with reference to true pitch diameter enabling transferring of characters from the cone of the die to the flat end face of the part. When using a flat die, Model 900 Series holders will do angular marking on a part while holding absolutely true prospective dimensions.

Model 909 End Face Marking Tool

The Model 909 tool will mark directly on centerline with a single character or line of characters. It can also mark 360 degrees around the face of a part up to 1-1/2″ diameter.

Model 521 End Face Marking Tool

Model 521 is for large diameters (2″ or more) and uses OD marking dies or the 541 Interchangeable Type Retainer. The Model 521 is primarily used with automatic screw machines and vertical lathes.

Model 815 End Face Marking Tool

Model 815 is intended for use on CNC turning centers to mark the end face of large part diameters of 2″ or more.

Part Spec Sheets:

Davenport: Only available in 900-A, 901-A, and 909.

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