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CNC Turning Machines: Roll Marking Attachments

Roll Marking Attachments for CNC Turning and Machining Centers

New Method Steel Stamps produces roll marking attachments for CNC Turning Centers and Machining Centers. Standard attachments are engineered for use in all automatic screw machines, lathes, CNC turning centers and Swiss Type screw machines. Our attachments enable roll dies to be exchanged easily and quickly, lessening interruptions in production of parts.

NMSS roll marking attachments and tools can and are used to mark on many materials in a wide variety of industries such as automotive, general manufacturing and even medical equipment production. We employ meticulous attention to detail and construction in our products and produce tools and attachments that will provide reliable, consistent service.

For a demonstration of how this product works, click on the links below.

Part Spec Sheets:
Normal Die Mount:

Tools Clearance required: 1/2"

Oustide Die Mount:

*Outside Die Mount for marking within 1/32" of collet nose. Tools Clearance required: 1/2"

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