Our Company

Our Company

Since our founding in 1931, New Method Steel Stamps, Inc. has become the world leader in the development and manufacture of automatic roll marking attachments for OD and End Face marking. We offer attachments/tools for all CNC turning and machining centers as well as single and multiple spindle screw machines. New Method is ISO 9001:2015 Certified by PRI Registrar in Precision and Micro Precision CNC Machining, Turning, Bending and Machine Assembly for Manufacturing, Automotive and Medical applications.

New Method is a women-owned, fourth generation family company with its roots on the second floor of a small shop near the Detroit River at the foot of Joseph Campau in Detroit. Its founder, Otto Lundell, a Swedish immigrant and engineer, developed a new and more efficient way to mark products and parts as they were being manufactured rather than as a separate process. As the company flourished it held many patents for its processes. In 1965 the company moved its operations to the Detroit suburb of Fraser, Michigan where it continued to develop new products and methods of part marking. In 2019, the company remained in Fraser, Michigan but moved to a newer, larger and more energy-efficient facility. With a highly skilled, stable workforce and its’ new location, New Method has been able to diversify and increase its manufacturing capabilities while continuing to supply systems and products for Fortune 100 companies to “Mom & Pop Shops” worldwide.

Create and Build

New Method Steel Stamps can manufacture virtually all type styles, roll dies and press stamps for existing equipment and offers a full line of numbering heads, pneumatic and manual impact presses, standardized tools for machines and a complete product line in addition to creating customized items as well.

NMSS specializes in in-house development and production of primary and secondary marking machines.

Our New Method model 6000 and model 6400 bar marking machines are intended for marking hex and round bar stock before machining on 1-4 sides of the full bar length simultaneously.

New Method’s turn-key secondary marking machines include standalone machines and systems that can be integrated with other machining operations and have capability to be fully automated to be utilized with robotics and computer controls.

We also offer complete in-house engraving services to all military specifications.

Product Satisfaction

New Method Steel Stamps produces the toughest tools in the industry. Our stamps cut deeper and cleaner so they last longer and don’t compromise the quality or integrity of your products. Our tools have fewer moving parts which translates into longer life and better reliability. Most importantly, New Method believes in the integrity and quality of our products and stands behind everyone we make!

About New Method


ISO 9001:2015 Certified by PRI Registrar


Over 90 years of development and manufacturing experience to provide the best quality to our customers


We are striving to have a cleaner impact on the world while still providing the highest quality for our customers


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